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Langkawi island is one of the best island to go to in Malaysia because of its beautiful scenery, numerous parks, historical sites, and wide stretches of sandy beaches. It is the destination for a great vacation. Just take a look at the numerous of activities and tours that we offer in our website. You will be amazed by what you can do in Langkawi!

Hello Langkawi welcome everyone to Langkawi and book on activities that we offer on our website such as sunset cruise, jetski tour, etc..

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“Great experience! The captain and the crews were so happening! Unlimited awesome drinks and epic view of the sunset. We danced till the lights are out!”


Sunset Sharing Cruise (Premium)

“Honestly speaking, for me, this activity should get 7 stars 🌟. The sunset cruise was the best experience one can avail from Langkawi. The food and unlimited drinks were great. They have provided everything for making us happy. I just want to again and again. Thanks to HELLO LANGKAWI.”


Private Charter Cruise

“Well highly depending on luck of the day. If there's sunset, the experience will be at 100% of joy. Experience wise with the cruise is cool. The guide is really nice by helping out with photo takings hype up the environment.”

Nur Atirah

Sunset Sharing Cruise (Standard - Non Alcohol)

“The sunset cruise exceeded my expectations! The activities on the cruise was great, my favourite was swimming in the ocean with our life vests when they parked the cruise near a shore. Views were amazing, especially the sunset. Highly recommend!”


Private Charter Cruise

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